P. bin­tan update febr. 2021 (to be trans­lated)

Parosphromenus Series 4.1 P. bintan

Is P. bin­tan sim­ple blue? or is there another species in Bin­tan Island?

For the new con­ser­va­tion project of Parosphromenus Project, we imported some Parosphromenus sam­ple from Bin­tan Island. Col­lected by our local friend Okta­vianus, who lives in Bin­tan Island.

So they are sup­posed to be the orig­i­nal type of P. bin­tan. The story of Parosphromenus how­ever never fails me. Always unex­pected parts. After recieved the sam­ple, I imme­di­ately noticed that the fish is not pure blue/​black, the inte­rior side of the main blue band is orange red. How could that be?

I checked again the orig­i­nal paper in 1998, the dis­crip­tion of the live col­oration does indi­cate that the prox­i­mal part of bin­tan is black. BUT, I checked the pic­tures of the P. bin­tan in the text, and I imme­di­ately noticed that there is obvi­ously red pig­ments inside the blue band.

So, now we are at a cross­road: either P. bin­tan is never pure blue as peo­ple believed for 20 years; Or, there is a sec­ond species/​type in Bin­tan Island.

I will update when the fish more stable.


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