Liste Dr. Jür­gen Schmidt : Einige Nachträge

Liste Dr. Jür­gen Schmidt II (Stand 2005)

Einige Nachträge.

Bleeker, P. 1859. Negende bij­drage (1) tot de ken­nis der vis­chfauna van

Banka. Nat. Tijd­schr. Ned. Ind., Batavia, 18, 359378. – Parosphromenus

deiss­neri (Osphrone­mus deissneri)

Foer­sch, W. 1976. Spawn­ing Parosphromenus deiss­neri. TFH. 24(9), No.

243, 3034, 8693.

Kot­te­lat, M. & Ng, P. K. L. 1998. Parosphromenus bin­tan, a new

osphrone­mid fish from Bin­tan and Bangka islands, Indone­sia, with

redescrip­tion of P. deiss­neri. Ichthyol. Explor. Fresh­wa­ters 8(3),

263272. – Parosphromenus deiss­neri – Parosphromenus bin­tan Kot­te­lat, M. & Ng, P. K. L. 2005. Diag­noses of six new species of

Parosphromenus (Teleostei: Osphrone­mi­dae) from the Malay Penin­sula and

Bor­neo, with notes on other species. The Raf­fles Bul­letin of Zoology,

Sup­ple­ment 13, 101113.

Nagy de Felsö Gör, P. & T. (o. J.) Ichthy­olog­i­cal Research work in West

Malaysia. 4445. – Parosphromenus deiss­neri – Parosphromenus nagyi Schäfer, F. 1997. Aqua­log all Labyrinths, Bet­tas, Gouramis, Snakeheads,

Nan­dids. Rodgau, 144 S., daraus: 7682.

Schmidt, J. 2002. bede Atlas Süss­wasser­aquar­ien­fis­che. Ruhmannsfelden,

1056 S., daraus: 98105


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