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Parosphromenus-​Newsletter No. 103 Biele­feld (Ger­many), Octo­ber 10th, 2012

Dear all, here are the next addresses that have been listed recently in our data­base, a reminder at the run­ning new cen­sus, a note on a remark­able movie with a car­ing female, and some other things:

1. We wel­come new mem­bers of the project

We wel­come espe­cially our newest friends in the list of members:

- Ted L. Dutcher from Long Beach, Mary­land (U.S.),

- Ste­fanie Rick from Königswin­ter (Germany)

- Ray Caru­ana from Aqua­cul­ture Research Cen­tre (Malta)

Con­tin­ued next newsletters.

2. First Reminder: Cen­sus Fall 2012 still run­ning! Did you write the mail already?

Our cur­rent cen­sus of the aquar­ium stocks of all licorice gouramis is still run­ning until the end of Octo­ber. Did you par­tic­i­pate already? An eMail to This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. dur­ing this time-​span is enough. If you breed your licorice gouramis, it’s very impor­tant. But if you keep only you should write your stock, too. And even if you have no licorice in your tanks: please write a short mail “no stock presently” or sim­i­lar text.

Why is that use­ful? Because of two rea­sons: (1) We could see changes, not only new mem­bers who have joined the project, but old mem­bers who were active before and have become pas­sive mem­bers now (mostly for some time only); and (2): We learn some­thing about the present rela­tion between active and pas­sive mem­bers: What is presently the per­cent­age sup­port­ing the aims of the project by active breed­ing and what is the per­cent­age sup­port­ing them pas­sively? That’s sup­port too! Pas­sive mem­bers who are no longer inter­ested leave, but many more have become passive

for some spe­cial rea­son and nev­er­the­less remain inter­ested. Prob­a­bly they will become active again later. — So, please think of the Cen­sus! Even if you are pas­sive at present!

3. For the first time doc­u­mented: female P. alfredi cares for lar­vae in the cave!

Our friend Olivier Per­rin (Paris) who shot that fine P. parvulus-​pictures (one of them is presently shown at our start­ing page) has now doc­u­mented a very rare behav­iour in three short movies: a female P. alfredi cares (instead of the male) within the cave for the freshly hatched lar­vae! There are only two pub­lished reports (with­out pic­tures) of a sim­i­lar behav­iour: for linkei (by H. Linke) and for palu­di­cola (by P. Finke). In both cases the males had died or had become ill after spawn­ing. To our knowl­edge car­ing females have never been pho­to­graph­i­cally doc­u­mented before. – We are grate­ful to Olivier for the per­mis­sion of show­ing his films and still-​photos on our web­site. Helene had much work to put it here on the English-​alfredi-​page:


But you can reach the links to the movies from the start­ing page, too.

4. Other Reminders

- Do you appear in our “member’s map” already? Have a look at the maps-​button. You could be reg­is­tered by name or anony­mously by town only. Think of oth­ers who ask how things stand in their neigh­bour­hood. You could give your deci­sion (coun­try, town, name, resp.) via mail to This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Every­body loves to see the names, but if we are allowed to dis­play the town only it would help!

- Don’t for­get our planned inter­na­tional meet­ing in Ham­burg next year. The date is Sep­tem­ber 28th /​29th Sep­tem­ber. The Steer­ing Group met there two weeks ago; it’s a nice place. At least ten species will be avail­able, among them at least two or three unde­scribed forms from Suma­tra. Start­ing pop­u­la­tions of Moina macro­copa will be avail­able. Think of the pos­si­bil­ity that one per­son par­tic­i­pat­ing could take fish etc. home for all her/​his friends. More infor­ma­tions nexts months.

5. Short notes

- We now have four species-​specialists (“godfather-​program”): Bern­hard Lukiewski (Berlin) for quin­decim, Thomas Beu (Frank­furt) for fil­a­men­to­sus, Andreas Gahler (Rath­manns­dorf) for anjun­ga­nen­sis, and – new – Mar­ius Tegeth­off (Berlin) for nagyi Kuan­tan. If you breed, please pull your­self together and let your­self be reg­is­tered for P. sp. xxx! The rule is: This per­son tries to have that species at any time. If some­body seeks P. sp. xxx: here he finds it, whether adult, imma­ture or very young. Tell us your deci­sion via This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Our web­mas­ter Helene Schoubye took part in an aquar­ium fair in Kopen­hagen (Den­mark) with a pre­sen­ta­tion of our project and web­site. Horst Linke sent some fish (cf. linkei) that she used together with own species for a small exhi­bi­tion. See her report (with fine pic­tures by a pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­pher) in the Euro­pean forum!

- Our friend Ste­fano Valde­salici (Italy) took part in an aquar­ium fair in Italy (“Cesena Aquabeach”). His sis­ter pre­pared a nice poster about the Parosphromenus-​project and he also showed some tanks with Licorice gouramis. He tells about it in our Forum (with pic­tures too!).

- We regret that Gre­gor Meck­len­burg (Ger­many) had to resign from the steer­ing group after a short time of coop­er­a­tive work. There­fore, we are look­ing anew for some­one respon­si­ble for the polit­i­cal aspects of our project (habi­tat destruc­tion, nature con­ser­va­tion and indi­gene peo­ple in south-​east Asia, the P-​P as a cit­i­zen science-​project). We would be glad to receive any appli­ca­tion (by return mail).

- World-​wide net­work­ing is one of the spe­cial­i­ties of our project. If you seek Paro-​friends in a spe­cial part of your own coun­try or in for­eign coun­tries, please write to This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A short time ago a French friend wanted to know addresses in North­ern Amer­ica. No prob­lem, start­ing from 0 in 2011 we have presently 31 for Canada and the United States.

- Our mem­ber Shi Xuan Chen from Sin­ga­pore has put a link to our Project-​website on his regional forum. Thank you, Shi Xuan! Could y o u do a sim­i­lar thing?

- The mem­ber of our steer­ing group, Dr. Uwe Römer, rec­om­mended our web­site to the renowned Ger­man “Gesellschaft für Ichthy­olo­gie” (GfI). We could hope that in short there will be a link to our home­page, too!

To all the best, until the next newslet­ter, your steer­ing group.

Respon­si­ble: Peter Finke (Bielefeld/​Germany).

(We always are pleased to receive pro­posal for improve­ments of the newslet­ter. The trans­la­tions were done with the help of machine trans­la­tion; please excuse any lin­guis­tic mistakes


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