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Parosphromenus-​Newsletter No. 100 Biele­feld (Ger­many), Juni 20th, 2012

Dear friends of the Licorice Gouramis, this is newslet­ter no. 100. That’s true: Since we started the Paro-​Project in 2005, 100 issues of the newslet­ter have been sent out. At first we called them „Paro-​Infos“, but from 2001 when we became trilin­gual, they received the new inter­na­tional name. I think, we can be happy about that development!

Today we want to talk about sev­eral points:

1. Don’t be fright­ened, early alert only: Our web­site will change, but most things remain

In some weeks time, there will be a renewal of the soft­ware used by Helene Schoubye. This affords a new con­fig­u­ra­tion of the pages by Helene. But don’t be fright­ened: The address remains, the con­tents remain, the basic struc­ture remains sta­bile, all log-​ins of our mem­bers remain valid. The web­site will only look dif­fer­ent, that is all. So please be calm. How­ever, for Helene there is much work to do. But it is promised that many things become eas­ier for her. Let’s hope this comes true.

2. Dis­tri­b­u­tion: Make the best of the summer!

The war sea­son has begun in the north­ern hemi­sphere. This means the ship­ping of our fish will be eas­ier. We rec­om­mend: Don’t wait, make use of our distribution-​service now! In autum the ship­ping becomes more dif­fi­cult and risky. Since our dis­tri­b­u­tion man­ager is not in office till the end of May, write to This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. instead. After­wards to him again.

3. We look for specialists

Quite a few friends care for or breed sev­eral species, some even many. The „god­fa­thers“ are newly deter­mined by our census-​manager every time accord­ing to the results; this means a spe­cial respon­si­bil­ity for the time to come. Some god­fa­thers remain the same for years, oth­ers change more often. And sev­eral god­fa­ther­ships could accu­mu­late by this method. That could lead to an over­strain of sin­gle per­sons and a dis­ad­van­tage for spe­cial species.

There­fore we want to con­struct a sec­ond safety mech­a­nism: an array of spe­cial­ists for a sin­gle species each. We think of friends who are very suc­cess­ful with this species; they have always fish of dif­fer­ent sizes. Think of Bern­hard Lukiewski (Berlin/​D, P. quin­decim) or Thomas Beu (Frankfurt/​D, fil­a­men­to­sus). Of course, they care for other fish, too. But we can be sure to find quin­decim resp. fil­a­men­to­sus at every time. We want to extend this to the other species.

–> Think of the pos­si­bil­ity to play that role for a cer­tain species, please! And tell us. Then our list of spe­cial­ists becomes longer slowly. It will be a sec­ond safety device fort he species and other forms in our tanks. What­ever you have and breed in your tanks furthermore.

You only need for this pur­pose two tanks, a small one for the breed­ing pair and a big­ger one for the grow­ing young fish from dif­fer­ent spawn­ings. So, if there is a species doing espe­cially well with you then you will be per­fect for this role. When we have ten or fiff­teen spe­cial­ists like this, sus­tain­ment oft he species in our aquaria.

4. Approach­ing our first inter­na­tional meet­ing in Ham­burg (D) 2013 : details

There are only 15 months and our first inter­na­tional meet­ing will take place. We very much hope for a good par­tic­i­pa­tion and guests from Amer­ica and Asia. We work for that goal in order to achieve a fine exchange of fish and ideas. There will be at least off­spring of Parosphromenus to be dis­trib­uted to all who are interested.

- Date: Now you can orga­nize your trip, the exact date has been fixed. It’s the end of Sep­tem­ber 2012, Fri­day 27th till Sun­day 29th

- Place: Ham­burg (D), but the exact meet­ing place will be announced later.

- Pro­gram: We try to arrange a sched­ule that is attrac­tive for friends from all coun­tries. Horst Linke (for instance) will show movies and stills of Paros’ habi­tats. It will begin Fri­day after­noon (resp. evening), the main events will take place on Sat­ur­day, and it will end on Sun­day about noon.

- Lan­guage: Most speeches will be deliv­ered in Eng­lish, oth­er­wise we will orga­nize Eng­lish translation.

- Species: You can obtain off­spring of at least ten species of licorice gouramis. An instal­la­tion of breed­ing tanks can be visited.

- Long dis­tance vis­i­tors: We shall orga­nize a spe­cial care of the wel­fare of friends from abroad. This will include pro­pos­als for fur­ther trips and sight­see­ing before or after the Paro-​meeting.

- The next meet­ing: That is not yet fixed. We think of 2015 or 2016. Amer­i­can friends have sug­gested Sin­ga­pore, cer­tainly a good place. But there maybe other suggestions?

5. Some short news

- The fine form spec. Danau Rasau (from Suma­tra) that is cer­tainly rel­a­tive to bin­tan has been brought in again by Horst Linke. This time it may not die out again!

- There is cau­tious hope that B. Bus­sler is able to prop­a­gate the last remain­ing pair of P. deiss­neri. For the first time the eggs were fer­til­ized and lar­vae have hatched! Keep your fin­gers crossed!

- We have got knowl­edge about some new expe­di­tions in the sec­ond half of 2012: Nico­las Buis­son (to West­ern Malaysia), Bernd Bus­sler and Chris­t­ian Hinz (to Kalimantan/​Borneo and to Bangka)

- There are more and more indi­ca­tions that two dif­fer­ent fish have been lumped together unter the name of „P. suma­tranus“: a rather slim one dis­play­ing ver­ti­cally head upright and one dis­play­ing head down with higher body dimensions.

- The inter­na­tional trade with Parosphromenus is in the last years entirely dom­i­nated by fish from Suma­tra, espe­cially by the forms spec. Sen­tang, spec. „blue line“ and spec. Sun­gai Bertam, but more likely other local vari­ants of bintan-​like fish too, and nearly all of them are mostly offered bear­ing wrong names (“sin­tan­gen­sis” or „deiss­neri“ etc.).

- Our project has three aspects that look beyond aquar­is­tics: “rain­for­est rescue”/concern about the dwin­dling bio­di­ver­sity, “threat­ened peoples”/support for the peo­ples con­cerned by the log­ging, and “cit­i­zen science”/spread and par­tic­i­pa­tion of knowl­edge). Please tell us media inter­ested in the com­bi­na­tion of these aspects!

All the best to all of you, your steer­ing group.

In charge: Peter Finke (Bielefeld/​Germany).


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