Dec­la­ra­tion on the subse­quent request for donations

The Parosphromenus Project (P-​P) is an NGO. Mem­ber­ship is free for every­one. All employ­ees work com­pletely vol­un­tar­ily. Expenses are financed pri­vately. In order to oper­ate this Web­site and to update from time to time, we there­fore have to rely on vol­un­tary dona­tions from our members.

Costs fall for exam­ple on the soft­ware with which this web­site has been designed, the reg­u­lar rent of the provider, update costs and 2015 tech­ni­cal for some expenses related to the first inter­na­tional con­fer­ence in Ham­burg (Ger­many), for exam­ple, the rental of the trans­la­tion sys­tem. Nobody receives hon­o­raria, travel expenses or other finan­cial sup­port. All dona­tions are needed only for such pur­poses and issued.

We have the begin­ning of the PP in 2010, wrote to all per­son­ally known to us friends of the Paro and some orga­ni­za­tions and asked for a dona­tion, so that we could start. That allowed us to gather about 600 euros to begin oper­a­tion. This was enough for starters. Over the years, mem­bers of the Steer­ing Group and some other peo­ple who wanted to sup­port our ini­tia­tive, we then char­ac­ter­ized helped that they have donated lec­ture fees and other monies. To date we have been able to fund oper­a­tion with the orig­i­nal funds col­lected. How­ever, now our finan­cial cush­ion is low. If we do not wish to run the risk cut­ting back on the PP web­site we need to acquire some addi­tional fund­ing, in other words we need finan­cial help.

In par­tic­u­lar, spend­ing on the Ham­burg meet­ing and the forth­com­ing nec­es­sary for the sake of devel­op­ment of the soft­ware updates and changes to the site now make it nec­es­sary to inform our mem­bers that we need their vol­un­tary finan­cial sup­port. We have there­fore decided to set up for this pur­pose, an extra account with Pay­pal, so that every­one can make a dona­tion for the con­tin­u­a­tion of the PP from any coun­try in a very sim­ple manner.

So, if you wish to sup­port our PP, please con­sider a finan­cial dona­tion by click­ing on this “donate” but­ton of Pay­pal and your amount is auto­mat­i­cally cred­ited to the Pay­pal Koto of PP. It is used with­out any deduc­tions to con­tinue being able to sup­port our activities.

For this pur­pose a stand: Helene Schoubye (web­mas­ter of the PP) and Prof. Dr. Peter Finke (founder and head of the PP).

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