The Parosphromenus Project

3th Inter­na­tional Meeting

68 of Sep­tem­ber 2019, Chester Zoo, UK

Adress: Cedar House Caugh­all Rd, Chester CH2 1LH — Phone: 01244 380280. Entrance is seperat from the Zoo entrance.

Fri­day 6th of Sep­tem­ber

For those who are inter­ested and have the oppor­tu­nity we will meet infor­mally for a fri­day evening ‘ICE­BREAKER’ at

the local Pub (adress: The Wheat­sheaf Inn, 46 Heath Road, Upton, Chester, Cheshire CH2 1HX

Sat­ur­day (main day) 7th of September


Ben­jamin Wilden from the Parosphromenus Project

Wel­come to the Parosphromenus-​Project

The Parosphromenus-​Project has a long his­tory and ambi­tious goals for the future. After a brief intro­duc­tion and sum­mary of its ori­gins, the cur­rent posi­tion will be eval­u­ated. Recent changes in the project struc­ture, staff, and pro­ce­dures will be con­sid­ered as well as new coop­er­a­tion, and inter­na­tional changes. Finally, our future goals and next steps will be introduced.


Andrea Swat­man, team­leader, Aquar­ium Depart­ment, Chester Zoo.

Andrea Swat­mann will give a pre­sen­ta­tion focus­ing on two impor­tant areas

First of all — An Intro­duc­tion to Chester Zoos field work

And after that — The Zoo­log­i­cal sup­port for the Paros Project


Ques­tions, dis­cus­sions regard­ing hus­bandry guidelines.

One of the aims of the Paro Project is to inves­ti­gate, deter­mine and inform about best keep­ing prac­tices for paro-​species. As the coop­er­a­tion with insti­tu­tions, such as

Chester Zoo, is devel­op­ing, it is the aim to also assist Chester Zoo in cre­at­ing hus­bandry guide­lines which can be help­ful in their work if or when other Zoo’s

becomes involved in keep­ing parosphromenus species. Through­out the day we will keep refer­ring to this subject.

1314 LUNCH


Pre­sen­ta­tion by Allan Brown, UK

’ The Parosphromenus species of Penin­su­lar Malaysia and Sarawak’


Allan Brown col­lected wild Parosphromenus in Penin­su­lar Malaysia, Sarawak, and Indone­sia. His col­lec­tions were made in 19841993, and again in 2001.

He will deliver a pre­sen­ta­tion (Pow­er­point) of the fish and their habitats.


Still to be announced

18.30 Din­ner at The Wheat­sheaf Inn

(adress same as fri­day evenings Ice­breaker, see above, or prac­ti­cal infor­ma­tion)

Sun­day 8th of September

10 — ? Tour behind the scenes in the Aquar­ium depart­ment /​Andrea Swatman

All day sun­day : Free entrence to the Zoo for participants


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