Increas­ing UK species base?

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Hey every­one,

it is a shame that I am not that present in this forum as i want to or maybe should.

Peter told me about your con­ver­sa­tion and I think I should tell you, that the idea is really great. Every­one of us wants a real time cen­sus, but we also know that it is not pos­si­ble. Some organ­i­sa­tions tried sim­i­lar things. The basis is a lit­tle tool of he home­page, where you can report your stock. Than you have impor­tant things to do and will never give an update to the stock. I did for years in the IGL and only a memory-​letter made me update it for the rea­son of a real cen­sus.
So like Helene said it is not reli­able. You will see the cen­sus has a great fluk­tu­a­tion of mem­bers and fishes, so this is our hobby. As a hobby noone has the fishes as the pri­or­ity.
I think our sys­tem is estab­lished and a lot of peo­ple are tak­ing part, because there is a memory-​letter and a fixed time (there are still mem­bers with­out inter­net). Lit­tle changes are pos­si­ble and the evo­lu­tion oft he cen­sus is going on, but it seems like the sim­plest way ist the best.
I can col­lect or include some data like the loca­tion, but like Helene said, there was no request for the map and she maybe has some data for some­one intrested.

Best wishes,

Ben­nie (Ben­jamin Wilden)

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