Forum rules

1. Such a forum for dis­cus­sion is open in prin­ci­ple. Every­one is allowed – within the frame of the the­matic area of the Parosphromenuc Project — to address any topic that could be of inter­est here. For this pur­pose, new threads can be opened.

2. We are inter­ested in cre­at­ing an infor­ma­tive forum, which is of great inter­est for many read­ers. It has not been estab­lished for pure ”chatting”.

3. If absolutely annoy­ing or mis­lead­ing post­ings should occur, the admin­is­tra­tors will remove them as soon as they become aware of this.

4. We have cho­sen not to estab­lish a par­tic­u­lar struc­ture of top­ics in the begin­ning to avoid chaos Every­one can be free in her/​his post­ings. But we reserve the right to intro­duce such a struc­ture later, if it appears to be rea­son­able and possible.

5. Please try to link a new post or ques­tion to an already exist­ing thread, if pos­si­ble. It is in every­bodys’ hands to avoid chaos.

6. But this might not always be pos­si­ble. In this case open a new thread.


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