Advice for Begin­ners

Some well-​intentioned advice for begin­ners in the licorice gourami hobby

Photo H.Schoubye

Of course every­body has the right to deve­l­ope their own prin­ci­ples and thereby mak­ing their own mis­takes. But those who wish to avoid these mis­takes may be thank­ful for some well-​intentioned advice:

Do not make con­clu­sions about species after a first impres­sion or from bad pic­tures or the trader.

All species, kept prop­erly, are beau­ti­ful. Despite some dif­fer­ences licorice gouramis are not very dif­fer­ent in their care requirements.

You should not set your sights only on one cer­tain species but begin with any species that you can get in good condition.

How­ever: the robust species (like P.filamentosus, P.linkei, P.paludicola or P.quindecim) are more suit­able for begin­ners than species (like P.ornaticauda or P.parvulus) that some­times (but not always) pro­vide experts with difficulty.

You should never believe that it’s pos­si­ble to keep them with nor­mal tap water and only occa­sional live feed. It will not go well for long. The ques­tion is only whether you notice the dete­ri­o­ra­tion of their con­di­tion or not.

The Parosphromenus hobby is not effort­less. Who­ever wants suc­cess and thinks that it will maybe eas­ier than described is liv­ing dan­ger­ously. A begin­ner should stick by one method that appears to work well.

Photo H.Schoubye

Also even if adults develop a cer­tain adapt­abil­ity to dete­ri­o­rat­ing envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions, young fishes and par­tic­u­larly the eggs do not. The some­times extremely demand­ing water con­di­tions may not be a neces­sity for the adults but for the ten­der egg cases these con­di­tions are essen­tial. That must be clear.

It is not a good idea only to want to pos­sess licorice gouramis. We are deal­ing with rare, pre­cious, endan­gered fishes
which have also a coourtship and brood care behav­ior that is well worth see­ing. Mere keep­ing, pos­si­bly in a com­mu­nity aquar­ium is ulti­mately mere con­sump­tion. Breed­ing is absolutely necessary !

Every licorice gourami enthu­si­ast should strive to breed them. Through our net­work you find deter­mined thank­ful buy­ers know­ing what such a small fish is truly worth.



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