The friends of the licorice guramis form a world wide network

You can’t talk about Parophromenus–aquar­i­ums with­out talk­ing about the friends that oper­ate them. Since its estab­lish­men, the Parosphromenus Project endeav­ors, to gather them into a large net­work. This net­work of Para­phromenus friends extends today (2011) to 16 coun­tries in three con­ti­nents (Europe, Asia and America).

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion about these rare fish, which are endan­gered and wor­thy of preser­va­tion, is nec­es­sary. This is not always pos­si­ble in small regions, but where such small neigh­bour­ing cells of Parophromenus friends are formed, it is espe­cially use­ful and reward­ing. Think for exam­ple what hap­pens if one of a pair fails and you need a replace­ment. Or you are need a sup­ply of Moina or Grindal for some­one who is tak­ing care of your young fishes. Try there­fore to find more Parophromenus friends located in your area, or to inspire other Aquar­ium friends with spe­cial inter­est for Para­phromenus. We will strive to help with ref­er­ences and information.

The nor­mal case will be, that you will feel a bit iso­lated, sur­rounded by dry food and tap water aquar­ists. Then com­mu­ni­ca­tion is even more impor­tant, and for this we offer our forum. The more aquar­ists that have this oppor­tu­nity to exchange ideas with like-​minded peo­ple, with no lan­guage restric­tion and to learn from their expe­ri­ences, the more will be inter­ested to join our net­work. This is because they see that it now pro­vides help for peo­ple who would like to get involved in con­ser­va­tion work for these beau­ti­ful fish, but on their own may not know where they get the fish, or whom to ask about prob­lems and how might replace­ment is received if nec­es­sary. Parophromenus can be eas­ierer shipped than many other fish, using a fast par­cel ser­vice dur­ing not too cold and not too hot weather, as they are quiet and nor­maly live in a small space. They also have a labyrinth organ, which can be used in the case of emergency.

We are par­tic­u­larly inter­ested in expand­ing the net­work of friends in the coun­tries that hold the habi­tats of our fish. Of course, the aquar­ium hobby there is not as wide­spread as in indus­tri­al­ized coun­tries, espe­cially in Europe or the USA. But in Malaysia and Indone­sia, more and more peo­ple feel the great destruc­tion of their nat­ural envi­ron­ment. They recog­nise not only the promise of a bet­ter future, pros­per­ity and liv­ing com­fort, but the loss of the rich bio­log­i­cal diver­sity of their home­land. Within the Parosphromenus Project we not only try to obtain, beau­ti­ful lit­tle aquar­ium fishes, but to gain influ­ence over this devel­op­ment, which is not des­tiny, but pure power pol­i­tics. This helps us all to rec­og­nize what most peo­ple never notice, because it is for them too small, of too lit­tle­sub­stan­tive value or just not vis­i­ble because it lives hid­den below the water sur­face. There­fore we are espe­cially wel­come all peo­ple who wit­ness and expe­ri­ence the great destruc­tion on the spot. They help us to con­vert a pure aquar­ium net­work into a global net­work of those concerned.

The Parosphromenus Project there­fore seeks to expand the net­work of friends of Parosphromenus fur­ther and to estab­lish it tightly.



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