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Handover from M. Reinecke to animal keeper K. Kappel at Tierpark Berlin.P. Quindecim Photo M Reinecke P. Quindecim Photo M Reinecke P. Quindecim Photo M Reinecke

Species con­ser­va­tion Parosphromenus Quin­decim in the Tier­park Berlin — a mes­sage recieved from our mem­ber M. Rei­necke — THANK YOU 👍

HELLO dear mem­bers of the Parosphromenus project.
The Tier­park Berlin (Markus Klamt) con­tacted me this year about the project, because I offered off­spring of the species Parosphromenus Quin­decim for sale via the Census.
In Novem­ber a meet­ing on site in Berlin has now taken place and I was able to hand over a few pairs to the zoo. I am happy that the Tier­park Berlin wants to con­tinue the con­ser­va­tion of this Parosphromenus species and that we could sup­port them. I could get an excit­ing look behind the scenes of the zoo dur­ing the han­dover and hope that we can con­tinue the good inten­sive contact.
You can find more infor­ma­tion about Tier­park Berlin here:
Tier­park Berlin – Tier­park Berlin https://​www​.tier​park​-berlin​.de/​d​e
As I learned from Helene, Rafael, Benni and Went­ian, coop­er­a­tions are very valu­able for the project.
There­fore I would like to encour­age other mem­bers to make their off­spring known for sub­mis­sion in the Cen­sus. The more we are and the more good coop­er­a­tions the project can build up through off­spring, the higher is the chance to get some species in suf­fi­cient numbers.
I wish all par­tic­i­pants and part­ners of the project a good aquar­is­tic start into 2023.
Kind regards M. Reinecke
Pho­toS: Han­dover from M. Rei­necke to ani­mal keeper K. Kap­pel at Tier­park Berlin. + P. Quin­decim Photo M. Reinecke

Arter­hal­tung Parosphromenus Quin­decim im Tier­park Berlin

HALLO liebe Mit­glieder des Parosphromenus Projekt.
Der Tier­park Berlin (Markus Klamt) hat mich in diesem Jahr über das Pro­jekt kon­tak­tiert, da ich Nachzuchten der Art Parosphromenus Quin­decim über den Cen­sus zur Abgabe ange­boten habe.
Im Novem­ber ist nun ein Tre­f­fen vor Ort in Berlin zus­tande gekom­men und ich kon­nte einige wenige Paare an den Tier­park übergeben. Ich freue mich, dass der Tier­park Berlin den Arter­halt dieser Parosphromenus Art weit­er­führen möchte und wir dabei unter­stützen kon­nten. Ich kon­nte bei der Über­gabe einen span­nen­den Blick hin­ter die Kulis­sen des Tier­parks bekom­men und hoffe, dass wir den guten inten­siven Kon­takt weit­er­führen können.
Weit­ere Infos zum Tier­park Berlin findet ihr hier:
Tier­park Berlin – Tier­park Berlin (https://​www​.tier​park​-berlin​.de/​d​e
Wie ich von Helene, Rafael, Benni und Went­ian erfahren habe, sind Koop­er­a­tio­nen für unser Pro­jekt sehr wertvoll.
Daher möchte ich auch weit­ere Mit­glieder dazu ani­mieren ihre Nachzuchten zur Abgabe im Cen­sus ken­ntlich zu machen. Je mehr wir sind und je mehr gute Koop­er­a­tio­nen das Pro­jekt durch Nachzuchten auf­bauen kann, desto höher ist die Chance einige Arten in aus­re­ichen­der Stück­zahl zu erhalten.
Ich wün­sche allen Teil­nehmern und Part­nern des Pro­jek­tes einen guten aquar­is­tis­chen Start ins Jahr 2023.
Viele Grüße M. Reinecke
Pho­tos : Über­gabe an Tierpfleger K.Kappel im Tier­park Berlin + P. quin­decim M. Reinecke
We wish you all a very happy New Year, 🎉🎉🎉
At the same time we would like to wel­come Malmø Museum Akvar­ium as a new partner.
On dec.1.20226 breed­ing pairs of P. deiss­neri trav­elled from Copen­hagen to Malmø, where they will be part of a breed­ing project. Below you see some pho­tos of the begin­ning pro­ces of set­ting this breed­ing sta­tion up, — its look­ing good and promising.
Also some P. linkei is now in Malmø, to be part of an exhi­bi­tion tank, where the plan is also to intro­duce the vis­i­tors of the museum to the crit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion of the nat­ural biotopes of parosphromenus, the peat swamps etc. We are look­ing for­ward to fol­low­ing this project as well along the way, as it develops.
Thanks to the ded­i­cated team at Malmø for engag­ing in this work — its exting to see
.Photo Jonas Björklund Photo Jonas Björklund Photo Jonas Björklund
Photo Jonas Björklund Photo Jonas Björklund P. deissneri young male Photo Helene Schoubye Johansen P. deissneri young male Photo Helene Schoubye Johansen

Shar­ing here a link to a youtube video from a con­fer­ence in VDA recently, where Ben­jamin Wilden par­tic­i­pated from the Parosphromenus Project. The video is in ger­man, but we will later post some more infor­ma­tion about this con­fer­ence, and other pre­sen­ta­tions on the con­fer­ence, which has some impor­tance for the PP as well.


Parosphromenus spe­cial behav­iour 3
How much can you bend a fish : ?
Just look at these pho­tos of small paro-​males when they embrace the females dur­ing the actual mat­ing, — and you will see how much the male and female can bend around each other in mat­ing — it is quite impres­sive if you have the luck to see it or catch it on photo.
Also impres­sive is how the male, after the female have pro­duced the egg, will bend it body so as to catch the eggs on his side, before together with the female, putting them in the bub­blen­est cave which he has build for this purpose.
Pho­tos Olivier Per­rin 1. P. alfredi 2. P. parvulus
P. nagyi spawning copyright David Jones P. nagyi copyright Helene Schoubye P. alfredi Copyright Haji BadaruddinP. bintan ’mimbon’ (Karen Koomans)
Parosphromenus spe­cial behav­iour 2
Sexy eyes
Flash­ing in paro species, is known as one of the fas­ci­nat­ing and won­der­ful char­ac­ter­is­tics of the parosphromenus species. The way the male tries to impress a cho­sen female is often spec­tac­u­lar and often done with a lot of energy
But did you know, that when the male and female are approach­ing actual mat­ing, — they show their readi­ness in par­tic­u­lar ways, — one of these fea­tures being the appear­ance of a black bar occur­ring ver­ti­cal in the eyes. This is both male and female that does that.
It gives the fish a cer­tain look, quite ‘cheeky’, — and for those who have had paros for some time, they know it as – and call it it — ‘sexy eyes’.
We show you a few pho­tos here, and you can judge your­self what do you think  ?
Pho­to­cre­dit 1. P. nagyi (David Jones) 2. P. alfredi (Haji Badarud­din) 3. P. nagyi (HS Johansen) 4. P. bin­tan ’mim­bon’ (Karen Koomans)

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