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www​.parosphromenus​-project​.org is the offi­cial web pres­ence of the free inter­na­tional net­work © Parosphromenus-​Project. The web­site appears with iden­ti­cal con­tent in three lan­guage ver­sions (Eng­lish, French, Ger­man, see below).

The © Parosphromenus-​Project is self-​organised, inde­pen­dent and non-​accountable. Its goals are all of ideational nature. They include all attempts to widen the knowl­edge about the genus Parosphromenus and to pre­serve all species of this genus both in nature and in the aquar­ium hobby.

Cen­tral con­tact address: info(at)

a) Project:

See page ‘Our team’

Project man­age­ment: Ben­jamin Wilden (Ger­many) and Helene Schoubye Johansen

Field work /​sci­en­tist Went­ian Shi, (Germany)

Cen­sus: Rafael Eggli (Switzerland)

Newslet­ter, home­page, face­book : Helene Schoubye (Denmark)

Coor­di­na­tor for USA : Brian Martineau

Coor­di­na­tor for UK : Kevin Marshall

Project advi­sory ser­vice (inter­na­tional): Prof. Dr. Peter Beyer (Freiburg/​D), Allan Brown (Bury/​UK), Mar­tin Hall­mann (Weinheim(D), Horst Linke (Schwarzen­bach a.W./D), Michael Lo (Kuching/​MAL), Olivier Per­rin (Paris/​F), Dr. Lukas Rüber (London/​UK), Dr. Jörg Vierke (Husum/​D), Dr. Zahar Zakaria (Terengganu/​MAL); refer to Advi­sory Board

Coop­er­a­tion part­ners: refer to Coop­er­a­tions

b) Web­site:

www​.parosphromenus​-project​.org is an inde­pen­dent web­site, which is not spon­sored by third par­ties and which is run as vol­un­tary work. It is an offer of the free inter­na­tional net­work © Parosphromenus-​Project. It is account­able and required to sub­mit infor­ma­tion exclu­sively towards its man­age­ment. The web­site is in three lan­guage ver­sions (Eng­lish, French, Ger­man). The con­tent of all 3 lan­guage ver­sions is identical.

Web­mas­ter: Helene Schoubye, Kopenhagen/​DK; helene.schoubye(at)

Trans­la­tor French:

Trans­la­tor ger­man: Dorothee Jöllenbech-​Pfeffel

Authors and holder of copy­rights (texts and pho­tos): see Authors and holder of copy­rights (list and acronyms)

Trans­la­tors of texts from 2015 and on: Dorothee Jöl­len­beck Phef­fel (Ger­man) and Herve Gonin (2020) (french)

c) Dis­claimer

We adver­tise to all vis­i­tors of the web­site, the fact that the oper­a­tors are not respon­si­ble for any dis­ad­van­tages or dam­age which might occur when the web pages are accessed. We are espe­cially not respon­si­ble for any offer or con­tent of other home­pages, web­sites, organ­i­sa­tions, com­pa­nies or per­sons, which are linked to our web­site. We reject explic­itly the respon­si­bil­ity for any kind of dam­age, which might be caused by any con­tent of other home­pages, web­sites, organ­i­sa­tions, com­pa­nies or per­sons, which are linked to our web­site. They are nei­ther part of the infor­ma­tion given in our web­site, nor part of the web­site itself. We declare and adver­tise to all our vis­i­tors that all parts of the web­site are pro­tected by copy­rights and are exclu­sive prop­erty of the Parosphromenus-​project and/​or of the authors which are explicitely named. Any form of mis­use or copy­right infringe­ment will be taken to legal action.

Regard­ing copy­right the fol­low­ing applies:

1. Any con­tents of this web­site are the intel­lec­tual prop­erty of the per­sons who have cre­ated the web­site and its con­tents. 2. All pho­tographs and texts remain in the prop­erty of the respec­tive authors after the use for this web­site. 3. Copy­ing pic­tures and texts will be tech­ni­cally hin­dered and is pro­hib­ited. 4. Excep­tions from this rule require case by case approvals by the copy­right hold­ers. Inquiries have to be directed at This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Either the names of the right hold­ers will be dis­played directly with the pic­tures or texts or an abbre­vi­a­tion can be found fol­low­ing the schem I (author or author + author): AB resp. AB + BC, or, if the texts have been trans­lated, fol­low­ing the scheme II (author/​translator): AB/​CD http://​parosphromenus​-project​.org/​e​n​/​c​o​p​y​r​i​g​h​t​-​a​n​d​-​d​i​s​c​l​a​i​m​e​r​/​61​.​h​t​m​l

d) Pre­cau­tion

Text and images shown here belong to their authors

This web­site is the first one that addresses the pub­lic with the con­cern of the Parosphromenus–Project in a com­pre­hen­sive and multi-​lingual way. There­fore, we do our best to pro­tect text and images you find here from uncon­trolled and unau­tho­rised use in other contexts.

The inter­net has added a new dimen­sion to the ques­tion of intel­lec­tual prop­erty. In the inter­net it is usu­ally very easy to down­load or copy other peo­ples’ text and images. The author­ship is often not clearly stated and thus a text or pic­ture seems to be the prop­erty of every­one. This is not the case. They remain prop­erty of their authors. We there­fore keep high stan­dards for the pub­li­ca­tion of texts and images and try, even in the age of the inter­net, to pro­tect intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights. Valu­able infor­ma­tion will be rightly asso­ci­ated with those who have pro­vided or for­mu­lated them. Every­one who has tried, for exam­ple, to pho­to­graph licorice gouramis, knows how dif­fi­cult and time-​consuming it is to get good pic­tures. We have only obtained the com­mit­ment of lead­ing experts – all mem­bers in our net­work – to use their pic­tures or texts, because we have taken pro­tec­tive mea­sures to pre­vent unau­tho­rised copying.

Our first con­se­quence is to name the author/​owner explicitely for all texts and pic­tures, where this is pos­si­ble. If the name is not men­tioned directly, you will find an abbre­vi­a­tion instead, fol­low­ing the scheme (XY), e.g. at the end of an arti­cle. A list, explain­ing the codes, can be found here. The sec­ond con­se­quence is the use of tech­ni­cal mea­sures to pre­vent unau­tho­rised copying.

This con­text should be con­sid­ered by any user of this site. In par­tic­u­lar cases, when there is a rea­son­able con­cern and only after con­sul­ta­tion of the respec­tive right hold­ers, we might give per­mis­sion for use in another con­text – but only upon indi­vid­ual request. For your inquiry please indi­cate text/​image and name of the author clearly. Ille­gal unau­tho­rised use is pro­hib­ited and will be prosecuted.

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