Advi­sory Board

What is the Advi­sory Board and what is its functioning

The Advi­sory Board of the project was estab­lished to take advan­tage of the sci­en­tific, breedin­gor regional/​cultural knowl­edge of experts, all con­nected in a par­tic­u­lar way with the genus Parosphromenuswhere appro­pri­ate . We appre­ci­ate the advice of these peo­ple very much. They will be con­sulted on par­tic­u­lar top­ics on demand.

At present, the Advi­sory Board includes the fol­low­ing persons:

• Dis­tri­b­u­tion, Genet­ics and Evo­lu­tion: Prof. Dr. Peter Beyer (Uni­ver­sity of Freiburg, D)

• Dis­cov­ery, breed­ing, his­tory: Allan Brown (Bury, UK)

• Gen­eral advice, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, behav­ior: Mar­tin Hall­mann (Wein­heim, D)

• Gen­eral advice, con­tact, habi­tats, new forms: Horst Linke (Schwarzen­berg aW, D)

• The sit­u­a­tion on site (Sarawak, Kali­man­tan): Michael Lo (Kuch­ing, Sarawak, MAL)

• Gen­eral advice, habi­tats, breed­ing: Olivier Per­rin (Paris, F)

• Gen­eral advice, habi­tats, U.S. per­spec­tive: Tony Pinto (USA)

• Genet­ics: Dr. Lukas Rüber (Nat­ural His­tory Museum, Lon­don, UK)

• Tax­on­omy, behav­ior: Dr. Jörg Vierke (Husum, Germany)

• Sit­u­a­tion on site (West­ern Malaysia): Dr. Zahar Zakaria (Tereng­ganu, MAL)


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