„blue line“

Parosphromenus spec. “blue line” P, spec. blue line Photo G.Gantschnigg

First descrip­tion: In 20052007 the aquar­ium trade imported huge num­bers of this bintan-​like fish from Suma­tra bear­ing this trade-​given name or wrongly called “deiss­neri”. Mostly a loca­tion was not given, but some­times the province Jambi and loca­tion Sun­gai Tun­cal was named as its ori­gin. But we have seen dif­fer­ent fish bear­ing this trade-​name obvi­ously lump­ing them together for the trade busi­ness. Typ­i­cal “blue line” have bril­liant blue colours, sim­i­lar to P.harveyi, but with a smaller black rear end of the cau­dal and longer white or blue ventrals.


Sim­i­lar species: l

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